Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friendly Fire

Hopes are more like candles , bright strong and seems to last at the beginning .it show you the road wide opened promising and short .with time it gets weaker and irregular by the windy doubts and lack of the ambition oxygen that keeps your hopes alive so as the flames of the candle . and soon comes the end ,when its just the little tiny flame holding up ,the one that carries the real flavor ,the real smell , the real feelings .the tiny flame holding up bigging to stay and bidding farewell same time ,the one that gives you only one ray of light pointing straight at your dreams .and you run and run trying to get there before the flame dies .
never give up on running ..never give on lighting another candle .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I Face Paint

My job is little bit deferent and unusual . I used to have issues with telling people what i do , i thought its kinda embarrassing when i first started working . young people who work in the service industry have that i guess at the beginning . like Taxi Drivers , waiters ,valet parking employees and clowns like my self. almost everything that is related with taking tips i guess . society force that i believe ,because these days if you work as a bar tender its pretty cool ,but if you are a waiter then thats a little bit undesirable, so it make you uncomfortable talking about it and start making some changes in facts the waiter becomes a manager and the face painter becomes a "professional" face painter or its just a part of our culture we just cant give straight answers .but later you start to realize the appreciation from who surrounds you about working students making their own money what ever they do .

First day at your job is always something to remember .so for a clown its very interesting i went with my brother Naser . you start wearing that colorful clowny costume ,the funny big shoes with sparkling balls on top of it and you say oh god what made me come here today! and then the giant rainbow hair wigg .you start avoiding mirrors for a while until you put the red fluffy noes that cut out the last breathing access to your body and take a look in the mirror and burst in laughing and starting to accept the hilarious creature you came to be . then they start drawing stuff upon your face (as if there is no enough colors you are wearing ) so you get your brand new smile and your an officially complete clown ready to go through life and fly on your own . the nice surprise was so i can overcome my shyness was that my first day was at the city mall for 12 hours . that means that am gonna go through all the people you ever knew for sure ,so you sit there face painting hoping no body will recognize you . it was a day .

I wore all kind of crazy costume you will think about ,all kinds of clowns , Jocker , Cow ! , Tweety bird ,tigger ,Prince ,Santa ,elf , Pirate and (2l3ageed abo sh-hab) from bab 2l 7ara series .

so if you think its easy no it take alot to become a "professional" face painter :P :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Give your Life a Credit

well ..they say know what you really want to achieve, but what if you think you know what you want but you are mistaken? miss guided or miss leaded ? so all your efforts are going to the wrong direction ?

i know we all are looking for happiness. some think its in good marks ..some think its in wearing the most stylish clothes and some think its in laughter.
i guess it a combination of little nice pieces of feeling organised together to achieve an inside stability condition of mind and soul being appreciative of what you have .again appreciative , a confident that what happening with you is the most amaizing thing happening in the whole world bad things go ..they always can go worse.
your mother ..there cant be any better mother for you
your family there cant be any better familt for you
your marks there cant be any better marks for you
Yours not somebody else`s
cause the greatest thing is actually that we don`t know whats coming so me failing in my studies and attending after-school classes is the way that am going to meet the most amazing person in my life . phoenix is an imaginary bird that burns at the end of its life and then be recreated from its own ashes, you can think about it this way ..a phoenix like life . from the ashes comes the most amazing result . so todays screw ups will lead to tomorrows success.

just set back and be thankfull , write down 50 things your thankfull for ..and see the difference it wold make inside of that amaizing organ that contains all the flavours that make you who you are ..your heart ...the feeling that you have .. while you`re sitting writing and expressed by that smile you`re remembering he good things that you have and happy times all alone ..will bring you one step closer for that stable condition of mind and soul who is totally thankfull and appreciative .

so if you are really looking for happiness and trying to find it somewhere . maybe you should start looking for it inside your self and when you find it , you will attract more from the outside .